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(Limited) Aquamarine Flower Bouquet

Available Period : 2-10 Jun 2023

Blue tulip x5, carnation purple fairy x2, mini allium x2, trachymene x2, ping pong x1, lychee rose x1, oxypetalum x1, eustoma x1, plenty of eucalyptus and baby’s breath.

Measurement is approximately W30cm x H42cm x D16cm

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Under The Sea Preserved & Dried Flower Hologram Acrylic Photo Frame

Plenty of shell, bunny tail, brunia leaves, gomphrena, pampas, muhly grass, baby’s breath, mimosa, preserved hydrangea, dried broom, statice, caspia white, preserved asparagus and pearl.

* Ring is not included. The picture shown is frame with text. 

Blossom & Bud Petite Flower Bouquet

White pingpong x2, red rose x1, dried yellow craspedia x1, happy flower x2, plenty of chamomile, thlaspi, peacock and eucalyptus.

Measurement is approximately W18cm x H30cm x D13cm.

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Jessica Flower Bouquet

Red rose 5, pink carnation x3, lilac rose x2 and plenty of eucalyptus cineria

Bouquet size is approximately W25cm x H32cm x D10cm


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Elegance Flower Box

Rose x18.

Box size is approximately W30cm x H28cm x D15cm (including flowers).

Elegance Box (Pink)
Elegance Box (Red)

(Pre-Order) 99 Roses Flower Bouquet

Note: Kindly mention in remark the flower arrangement you prefer (wild/round).


Beige Wrapper
Black Wrapper
Grey Wrapper
Pink Wrapper
White Wrapper

Growing Fonder Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is S size.

(Pre-Order) Endeavour Giant Flower Bouquet

Red rose x8, orange rose x8, pink rose x5, peach/pink berry x5, wax flower x5, red/maroon anthurium x3, scabiosa stellata x3, maroon pom pom x5, paku leaves x2, plenty of gold & maroon eucalyptus.

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Euteamo Dried Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is with text “I Love You”.

Bouquet size is approximately W29cm x H42cm (including the hoop) x D16cm.

(Pre-Order) 99 Buds White Lily Giant Flower Bouquet

A different kind of proposal bouquet! This 99 buds lily bouquet is half a human size.

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(Pre-order) Butterfly Flower Bouquet

Hydrangea x1, lilac rose  x3, soft pink rose x2, pink carnation x3, white spray carnation x2, white ping pong x2, dried lavender x5, chamomile x2, plenty of eucalyptus and baby’s breath,

Measurement is similar to A2 paper size.

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Jolly Tree Preserved Flower Bell Jar

Add-on bunny/graduation hat/unicorn is not available for this product.

pine cone x1, plenty of preserved hydrangea, gold lino and pampas

(Pre-order) Nostalgia Premium Flower Bouquet

This wrapper is eco-friendly.

Cappucino kenya rose x4, pink rose x2, white ping pong x2, champagne spray rose x2, pink carnation x2, scabiosa stellata x2, astrantia x2, plenty of thlaspi and eucalyptus

Measurement is similar to A3 size.


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Femme Fatale Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is L size.


Femme Fatale - Cream Pink
Femme Fatale - Light Ash Blue

Rosy Blush Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is L size.


Cloud Nine Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is L size.


Cloud Nine - Light Ash Blue
Cloud Nine - Pink

Spring Cantabile Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is L size.


Spring Cantabile - Beige
Spring Cantabile - White

Minimalist Lilac Rose Flower Bouquet

Note: The color tone is different for every batch of lilac rose, the lilac rose you receive might be lighter or darker compare to the one on website.

Minimalist Lilac Rose - Beige
Minimalist Lilac Rose - Lilac Grey

Minimalist Pink Rose Flower Bouquet

(1 customer review)

The picture shown is L size.

Minimalist Pink Rose - Crepe Pink
Minimalist Pink Rose - White

(Pre-order) Casablanca Premium Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is L size.


Casablanca - Brown
Casablanca - Pink

Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is XL size.


Minimalist White Rose Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is L size. White rose is a great way to express “I’m thinking of you”.

Minimalist White Rose - Brown
Minimalist White Rose - Transparent

(Pre-order) Hydrangea with Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet

The picture shown is Pink Hydrangea Medium size.


Jen Hand Bouquet

Lilac rose x12, pink rose x12 and plenty of baby’s breath
(24 roses means missing you always)

Measurement is similar to A2 size.

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Devil’s Kiss Hand Bouquet

Best Seller

Devil's Kiss - Black
Devil's Kiss - Transparent
Devil's Kiss - Pink

Angel’s Whisper Hand Bouquet

Best Seller

Angel's Whisper - White Net
Angel's Whisper - Beige
Angel's Whisper - Ash Blue
Angel's Whisper - Black

Minimalist Red Rose Flower Bouquet

Minimalist Red Rose - White (Black Line)
Minimalist Red Roses - Transparent
Minimalist Red Roses - Pink
Minimalist Red Roses - Black

Dreamy Vacation Hand Bouquet

Best Seller

Dreamy Vacation - Pink
Dreamy Vacation - Transparent
Dreamy Vacation - Cream / Pink
Dreamy Vacation - Crepe Pink