[The Cool] Juice Gift Box Set


3 bottles of The Cool juice (Summer Glo, C-Booster, Chia Addict) + Gift Box



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Summer Glo

Ingredients: Watermelon, Lemon, Mint

A cooling drink enjoyed by children and adults. “Summer Glo” combines the moisturizing melon with citrus-powered Vitamin C. The presence of Lycopene in watermelon helps to slow down the process of aging effectively and also to ensure a strong and stable heart.
Besides, it is an excellent source of instant energy as it contains electrolytes (sodium & potassium), minerals and carbohydrates in it which keep the body hydrated, controls your blood pressure and energetic after a workout. At the same time, it also helps reduce muscle soreness and healing of muscle cramps.


Ingredients: Carrot, Orange, Apple

Such a  nutrients blend with just the right amount of carrot, orange and apple! The sweetness and nutrients in this bottle makes it suitable for everyone including kids.

Vibrant carrot packed with Vitamin A and beta-carotene are perfect for eye and skin health, also repair cell damage.On the other hand, the abundant vitamin C from orange juice is great to help the body develop resistance against infectious agents and rid harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood!
Apples are great sources of vitamin C, improving the immune system of your body as well as assisting the body to combat germs and bacteria. Apple juice is high in antioxidants (polyphenol and flavonoids) too, that are beneficial for the heart’s health.

Chia Addict

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Orange, Apple, Lemon, Chia Seed

If you’re feeling flat and looking for a wake-me-up with a kick to it, then “Chia Addict” is for you. It’s sourly sweet oranges flavor teamed with the tartness of lemon, sweetness of apples and lemongrass leave your taste buds wanting more of this deliciously sweet and tangy juice.

Lemongrass packed with so much goodness.It has the purifying effect that helps eliminate toxins from the body. When blood is purified, circulation is improved, you will definately have a glowing skin!

Oranges and apples, which contain high amounts of vitamin C and B also assist as co-­-factors for enzymes in metabolism.

Added one spoon of chia seed gives it a delicious digestive boost! Chia seed is rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

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